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Henke, and G. 0 Fig. 5 and 2 core radii, following an approach similar to the Γ5−−15-method used in field measurements [5]. 1 m/s and the mean aerodynamic chord. When looking at the wingtip vortex in fig. 8. 05 0 1 2 x/b (b) inner flap vortex Fig. 8 and 4. Overall, standard deviation was well below 10 % of the average value, indicating steady conditions. Γ dropped gently and monotonically, which was to be expected. The inner flap vortex displayed a higher dependency on the fin setting, see fig.

Scr and Reθ cr are obtained when Reθ = Reθ cr f . The subscripts ” T ” and ” e ” correspond to values taken at the transition point and the boundary layer edge, respectively. The computation of Reθ cr f is very sensitive to the value of the shape parameter Hi . Arnal et al. 0593. (10) The boundary layer thickness δ is searched along wall normal lines starting from the wall. Once the relation of shear stress and the maximum shear stress along the line decreases below a prescribed value, the edge of the boundary layer is found.

11 Circulation of the trailing vortices of the conventional loading configuration loading configuration ended at x/b = 42. This was because the lift centroid in the spanwise direction was considerably closer to the mirror plane than for the other configurations, leading to a faster downward motion and the vortices left the observable area sooner than in the other cases. The modulation for all induced rolling moment curves in the region x/b ≤ 15 came from the orbital motion of the wingtip and outer flap vortices and ended with the merging of those vortices.

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