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By Darrell M. West (auth.)

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By Darrell M. West (auth.)

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28 Many nations use advisory groups to shape judgments about scientific priorities. In the United States, for example, expert panels advise the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Since 1995, the American president has had an advisory committee on bioethics that offers guidance on cloning, stem cell research, and other new initiatives. In Great Britain, the government establishes blue-ribbon committees composed of recognized experts to issue papers on major controversies.

This site discusses how individuals in need of first-class medical care can travel to Buenos Aires to receive plastic surgery, hair treatment, fertility therapy, ophthalmology, and other cutting-edge forms of surgery and health care. The company promotes experimental techniques for regenerating arteries through skin cells as well as loans to pay for medical services. The multilingual site advertises its services in Spanish, English, and German. These are just a few of the cross-border enterprises that have sprung up in recent years.

43 In addition, China passed a Maternal and Infant Health Care Law in 1995 that requires couples planning on marriage to obtain genetic screening tests. 44 As a society that remains authoritarian, China does not face much in the way of grassroots protests over biotechnology. It does IN VITRO FERTILIZATION AND ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY 43 not have a well-developed civil society and is able to allow genetic testing practices that would provoke moral outrage in other countries. Its mandatory screening law, for example, would not be tolerated in most Western democracies, but has not generated much popular opposition within China.

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