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Bxg5 26. Qxg5 Rd1+ GM Vladimir Akopian (FIDE 2696) GM Gata Kamsky (FIDE 2720) More careful was either 26. Re8 or 26. Rc8. 27. Kh2 h6 28. Qe7 Misses the last opportunity to win a pawn by 28. Qe3! and if 28. Rf1 29. Kg3 Bd5 30. Qc5 Bc4 31. Qc8+! Kh7 32. Qf5+ Kg8 33. Qxe4. 28. Bc4 29. Qb7 Re1 30. Qc8+ Kh7 31. Qf5+ Kg8 32. Qc8+ Kh7, Draw agreed. Everything is defended so there is no point in playing on. org + + +r+ Pk+ + + + + + + + L + + K+R+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + After 66. Kb7 This is a winning position but White must force the taking of the a7-pawn, 80.

20. Nd4 The only other try is 20. a4, which is answered with 20. Ne5! 20. Ne5 A remarkable position. White’s bishop is entombed, his knight is pinned, his Send in your games! org GM Alburt will select the “most instructive” game and Chess Life will award an autographed copy of Lev’s newest book, Chess Training Pocket Book II (by Lev Alburt and Al Lawrence) to the person submitting the most instructive game and annotations. Do not send games with only a few notes, as they are of little instructive value and can’t be used.

Gxh5 is a substantial material advantage for White, and may even be winning after 28. Rf5 (28. b5 29. Bb8 a6 30. f4 with the idea of Bb8-e5 and g2-g4) 29. axb6 axb6 30. Nc4 Rg5!? (30. Kc6 31. f4 Rxh5 32. Be2 Rh1+ 33. Kd2 b5 34. Bf3+ Kd7 35. Bxb7 bxc4 36. dxc4 looks winning for White) 31. Bf4 Rf5 32. Bb8 b5 33. Ne5+ Ke6 34. , when Black is at his wit’s end to avoid getting his king and rook forked. 27. cxb4 28. axb4 Nc6 29. b5 Nd8 On 29. Nb4, 30. Nb3 simply wins Chess Life — August 2009 33 2009 Chicago Open Black's d4-pawn.

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