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By Daniel Lucas

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13. Bb7 14. Be2 (see diagram top of next column) 14. Nb6? Black now had a great chance to pun ish White for the mistake on move 13 with 14. Ne6! 15. cxb5 Nxf4! org r+ qr+k+ plnnpplp +p+ +p+ +p+ N + +PP L + + N + +P PP QLPP+ + KR+ +R Ninth grader wins UTD scholarship; new scholarship announced After 14. Be2 15. c5! The position changes with each move White is better again. One of Black’s greatest problems is the b7 bishop. 15. Nbd5 16. Nxd5 Nxd5 17. Bf3? It is obvious that 17. Bh6 had to be played.

27. Rf7 28. Qxa5 Bb7 29. Ba3 Qg5 30. Rb2 Mitchell said he spent 20 minutes finding 30. ” 30. Bxf3 31. Qxc5 Bd5 Mitchell thought that 31. Rf5 was a better try for Black. 32. Rxe6 Ref8 33. Re1 Qf4 A blunder by Black, caused by being low on time. 34. Qxd5 Now Black realizes that 34. Qf1+ doesn’t work, because the f7 rook is pinned to the king. 34. Rc8 35. Rbe2 Qb8 36. Rf2 Qa7 37. Ref1 Rcc7 38. Qd8+, Black resigned. S. Chess Trust and USCF. In addition, this scholarship cur rently provides $1,000 a year toward rental expenses.

Re2 Rb5 40. Ne6 Ne4 41. Rc6 Kf7 42. b3 g5 43. Kc1 Rb8 44. Kb2 Re8 45. Nc7 Rd8 46. b4 Nd2 47. Ne6 Rd5 48. Nc7 Rd7 49. Na6 Rd6 50. Rxd6 Nc4+ 51. Kb3 Nxd6 52. Nc7 Nc4 53. c3 Ke7 54. Ra2 f5 55. Na6 Kd6 56. b5 + + + + + +n+ + N+ k + + +P+ p p +P+ p r +K+ + + + + R P + + + + After 58. Nd7 Coplin finally hits an iceberg and his game sinks. Even with 59. Rd2+ Coplin loses 59. Ke7 60. c5 e4 61. b6 e3 62. Rxd7+ Kxd7 63. b7 Rh8 64. Kc3 f3 65. Kd3 f2 66. Ke2 Rf8!. Had Coplin drawn the game, he would have finished second (instead of tied for third) and Figlio would have dropped to a tie for third.

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