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By P. P. Korovkin

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By P. P. Korovkin

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There are no shops in front of the church or behind. What do we do? The company callecl. 6pez said that it was an important matter. I am sure they have carbonated water. They always have it. He says that he has pains since yesterday. Do you believe it? I have a cold. I cannot go to England today. How are your 'shares' looking on the Progress chart? Going up? ~ CD CD ~ -·CD< -h How about 15 minutes on the train, tube or bus, ten minutes on the way home and 20 minutes before switching on the television ...

He comprado ltfcomprado ha comprado hemos comprado han comprado han comprado I bought, or I have bought You bought, or you have bought He/she/It bought, or has bought We bought, or we have bought They bought, or they have bought You (plural) bought, or have bought Not all Instant verbs are so well behaved and just change to -ado. Here are three odd ones which you'll use all the time. 11' (to go) but: he ido I went, I have gone ver (to see) but: he visto I saw, I have seen tener (to have) but: he tenido I had, I have had If you get confused there's a complete list of all Instant verbs in Week 6.

Use the recording if you have it. 1 I do not like the client. Do we go with him? What do you want, the meat or the fish? Yes, sure, I would like to come. Do you have an appointment for me? I like going to Mallorca. Who has said that? Has someone called? I know a cheap restaurant. Can you help me, please? 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Now pretend you are in Spain with friends who do not speak Spanish. They want you to ask people things and will want you to do it for them in Spanish. They will say: Please ask him ...

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