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Problems occur when slime-forming micro-organisms (mainly bacteria, such as Enterobacter aerogenes or Bacillus mycoides) cause pipeline and Page 42 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2007 Developments in Tissue Chemicals and Chemical Treatments Chemicals and processes 3 filter blockage and lead to irregular stock flow. The slime can detach and end up in the sheet, causing off-quality or runnability problems. g. 1 kg/t paper). The most effective way to prevent slime formation is to maintain cleanliness in the entire paper-making system, but cleanliness is not sufficient to prevent slime formation in most mills.

G. machine speed)  to keep the machinery clean  to prevent problems caused by foam  to assist in water-removal during the formation of the paper. Retention drainage and formation aids In manufacturing any paper sheet, retention and drainage aids are important process-improving aids. Paper-making can be considered as a continuous filtration process where a tissue fibre furnish is separated on a machine fabric and the majority of the water is removed. The rate at which the materials in the fibre furnish can be separated from the water determines the rate at which paper can be produced, and drainage rates have a significant bearing on the economics of paper-making.

Solvents have also been used, but their function is random in nature and basically consists of removing existing deposits rather than preventing their formation. In a more recent development, a new method of inhibiting biofilm formation in short-loop white-water circuits using sulphosuccinates has been proposed and evaluated in a tissue mill. Technologies such as these could prove to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional biocides. Demand for organic slimicides has been decreasing in recent years to reduce paper-making costs, and they are being replaced with inorganic slimicides such as hypobromide, bromine and bromine dioxide.

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