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By Klaus Hurrelmann

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By Klaus Hurrelmann

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In addition, Davies and Allison’s dismissal of the view was hardly comprehensive or decisive. Moreover, there remains room for further development of this position. Finally, in very recent scholarship on the question of the relationship between the two mission commands there has been a new option offered that competes with the Salvation-historical scheme solution. This new perspective may better explain the evidence in the Gospel and may provide a way forward in resolving the apparent contradiction.

Because he is the messianic Shepherd ... 114 ——————— 111 112 113 114 Cousland 2001:101. Chae 2004; cf. Chae 2006 . Chae 2004:iii. Chae 2004:7, emphasis added. The Phrase in Recent Matthean Research 27 In Chae’s discussion of the restoration of Israel from the perspective of the Davidic Shepherd tradition, he addresses the question of the meaning of the phrase, although without devoting to it a significant amount of discussion either to the origin of the phrase or its meaning. Of the restoration of Israel within the Davidic Shepherd tradition, Chae states: First and foremost, the restoration of Israel to be wrought by these figures [the eschatological Shepherd and his Davidic Shepherd-Appointee] constitutes the fulfillment of the theocratic revision of the Davidic monarchy ...

Admittedly, the discussion has been generally descriptive without detailed interaction with every perspective. A general presentation of previous scholarship is adequate for our purposes here however, given that a detailed analysis of the phrase will be undertaken in chapter 7 of the thesis. In this conclusion then, I will present the general strengths and weakness of the research and to show where this thesis hopes to make its contribution. There are several notable strengths in recent research.

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