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By Aleksandar Matanovic, Zdenko Krnic

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By Aleksandar Matanovic, Zdenko Krnic

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This ebook was once initially released sooner than 1923, and represents a replica of a huge historic paintings, preserving an analogous structure because the unique paintings. whereas a few publishers have opted to practice OCR (optical personality popularity) expertise to the method, we think this ends up in sub-optimal effects (frequent typographical mistakes, unusual characters and complicated formatting) and doesn't properly defend the ancient personality of the unique artifact.

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An improvement. Lasker, USA Ch (New York) (4) 1 923. Frank Marshall loved to at­ tack, and frustration over the fact that Black's king was about to disappear into safety must have helped him find the follow­ ing combination: 16 e4! dxe3? g6 was a better chance) 17 l:txc6! llle7) 17 ... bxc6 18 'ii'd6! xc6+ must be dealt with) 18 ... d7 19 'ii'e5+ �f8 20 fxe3! f6 21 l:txf6+! gxf6 22 'ifxf6+ 'iPe8 23 'ifxh8+ q;e7 24 'ii'e5+ �d8 25 h4!? �c8 26 lllf7 aS 27 li:ld6+ lii> b8 (29c) and now the simplest, and most elegant, would have been 28 lllc4+ 'it'c7 29 lllb6 !

B1 g6 both give White insufficient compensa­ tion. d2 1i'b6 6 e4. g. Vaganian-Kuprei­ chik, USSR Ch (Leningrad) 1 974: 6 d6 7 f4 g6?! 8 e5 ! e3 ! �a5 17 0-0 (30c) with an overwhelming game for White. However, all is not so clear after 6 eS! 7 f4 d6, as the position remains quite blocked. •.. • 1 01 A ITACKING IDEAS IN CHESS 45 Idea 3 1 - Approach Play In some ways the final combination is the easy bit of the game. There are many players who would have absolutely no problem in solving the mate in 6 at the end if only they could get themselves into a position to de­ liver it.

6 ... ,xf4 ! ,h6 9 'jj'd2 tbbc6 10 tbb5 ! ,b6 7 tbc3 c6 8 tbge2 'jj'f6 9 g3 (breaking Black's kingside grip) 9 ... fxg3 (after 9 .. f5 has been all the rage recently - the critical line is 7 tbc3 tbf6 8 j_xf4 fxe4 9 d5 ! (24b) but practice is still very limited. 2) After 3. , an important move with a large following, but as I've never played it I shall remain mute on the subject. 2b) 4 d4 g4 5 j_xf4 gxf3 6 'jj'xf3 recently claimed the prized scalp of Michael Adams, but I'm not going to vouch for the soundness of the Rosentreter Gambit.

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