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By Dean Curry

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By Dean Curry

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The net acceleration of the squash? c. the time required for the squash to reach the top of the ramp? 14. 10 mm can sustain a force of 57 N. Assume the rod is used to pull a block along a smooth horizontal surface. a. 25 m/s2, find the mass of the block. b. If a second force of 24 N is applied in the direction opposite the 57 N force, what would be the magnitude of the block’s new acceleration? Problem 4B 33 NAME ______________________________________ DATE _______________ CLASS ____________________ 15.

0 kg person. 0 kg load. What maximum upward acceleration can be achieved without breaking the wire? 32 Holt Physics Problem Workbook Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved. FT,1 q1 = 45° q2 = 45° NAME ______________________________________ DATE _______________ CLASS ____________________ 10. 18 × 105 kg. 0 kN. 0 kN, what is the magnitude of the trailer’s net acceleration? ) 11. 00 × 103 kg. Suppose the whale becomes stranded on the shore and a team of rescuers tries to pull it back to sea.

0° slope using the same force. What is the coefficient of static friction between the load and the slope? 7. 90 × 105 kg was caught in 1947. 460? 9. The heaviest train ever pulled by a single engine was over 2 km long. 13 × 108 N is needed to overcome static friction in the train’s wheels. 741, what is the train’s mass? 10. 00 × 103 kg pancake was cooked and flipped in Manchester, England. 0° with respect to the horizontal, what must the coefficient of kinetic friction be in order for the pancake to slide down the surface with a constant velocity?

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