Download Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by D. Ballantine, C. Hoeger, V. Peterson J. McMurry PDF

By D. Ballantine, C. Hoeger, V. Peterson J. McMurry

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By D. Ballantine, C. Hoeger, V. Peterson J. McMurry

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Reacts with this number . of moles of nitrogen . . to yield this n / moles of air 2NH 3 E N D - O F - C H A P T E R REVIEW SUMMARY: REVISITING THE CHAPTER G O A L S S U M M A R Y ; REVISITING THE CHAPTER GOALS The chapter S u m m a r y mirrors the chapter goals that open the chapter. Each of the questions posed at the start of the chapter is answered b y a summary of the essential information needed to attain the corresponding goal. Where appropriate, the types of chemical equations in a chapter are also summarized.

5 The following diagram represents the reaction of A (red spheres) with B2 (blue spheres). Write a balanced equation for the reaction. \\ r f xxiv a. Ibuprofen, C i 3 H 1 8 0 2 b. 7 How many molecules of ascorbic acid (vitamin C, CftHgOf,) are in a 500 mg tablet? 0 X 10 20 molecules of aspirin (C 9 H 8 0,i)? KEY C O N C E P T P R O B L E M S N e w K e y Concept Problems are n o w integrated within the chapter, either appearing at the end of a Worked Example or after the discussion of an important concept.

ANALYSIS Most Worked Examples, both quantitative and not quantitative, include an Analysis section that precedes the Solution. The Analysis lays out the approach to solving a problem of the given type. 6 Avogadro's Number: A : about 3 x 1017 atoms of carbon. What is the IT •e given SOLUTION STEP 1: Identify known information. We know the number of carbon atoms in the pencil mark. STEP 2: Identify answer and units. STEP 3: Identify conversion factors. 022 X 1023 atoms. STEP a-. Solve. Set up an equation using the conversion factors so that unwanted units cancel.

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