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By Wilhelm Max Wundt

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By Wilhelm Max Wundt

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5). e. it involves active populations of neurons called cell assemblies, which can ‘crystallize’ into permanent memories. Because working storage is dynamic, it is more vulnerable to disruption than are permanent memories. 1 The ‘inner senses’ Another step down in the diagram are two of the ‘inner senses’, labeled verbal rehearsal and the visuospatial sketchpad. Notice that they interact constantly with the gray boxes along the bottom, the long-term stores. Verbal rehearsal is now thought to be another term for inner speech, the fact that human beings seem to spend most of their waking hours talking to themselves (Luria, 1976; Morin, 1993).

This figure from Dehaene et al. (2001) shows that unconscious words trigger local activity in visual cortex, but matched conscious words also evoke strong forward activity in the cortex, in the parietal and frontal lobes. In both experimental conditions the same physical stimulus reaches the retina, so that the difference must be higher up in the brain. This pattern of results has now been found a number of times. Evidence like this has convinced a number of scientists that conscious cognition can be studied with the proper kinds of experimental designs.

The lateral (side) and medial (midline) views of cortex are colored to show major functional regions. The colored regions should be memorized to make it easier to understand the rest of the book. On the right of both figures are the sensory halves of cortex, the posterior cortex, including the occipital cortex for vision and part of the upper temporal cortex for hearing. The body senses are represented just behind the central sulcus (light green). On the left side of the central sulcus are motor regions (light purple), and in front of the motor cortex, the prefrontal cortex for executive functions.

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