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By Duckworth M.

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By Duckworth M.

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We know that all integers in set A are odd. This statement means that there are not any even integers in set A, so All even integers are in set A cannot be true. Cross out answer choice a! Answer choice b is All odd integers are in set A. Let’s decide whether this is true. We know that all integers in set A are odd, which means that the set could be, for example, {3}, or {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11}, or {135, 673, 787}. It describes any set that contains only odd integers, which means that it could also describe a set that contains all the odd integers.

D. If an integer is even, it is not in set A. e. If an integer is odd, it is not in set A. First, decide what you are looking for: You need to choose which answer choice is true based on the fact that All integers in set A are odd. This means that the incorrect answer choices are not true. Now follow these steps when answering the question: 1. Evaluate each answer choice one by one following these instructions: ■ If an answer choice is incorrect, cross it out. ■ If you aren’t sure if an answer choice is correct or incorrect, leave it alone and go onto the next answer choice.

7 ϫ 8 ϭ 56. 7 and 8 are factors. 56 is the product. You can represent multiplication in the following ways: A multiplication sign or a dot between factors indicates multiplication: 7 ϫ 8 ϭ 56 7 • 8 ϭ 56 ■ Parentheses around a factor indicate multiplication: (7)8 ϭ 56 7(8) ϭ 56 (7)(8) ϭ 56 ■ Multiplication is also indicated when a number is placed next to a variable: 7a ϭ 7 ϫ a ■ Practice Question If n ϭ (8 – 5), what is the value of 6n? a. 2 b. 3 c. 6 d. 9 e. 18 Answer e. 6n means 6 ϫ n, so 6n ϭ 6 ϫ (8 Ϫ 5) ϭ 6 ϫ 3 ϭ 18.

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