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Adolph's professional life has been concerned with the study of physiological regulations involving first the comparative physiology of water balance. His book on Regulation oj Slze as Illustrated Zn Unlcellular Organlsms appeared in I93I. In I943, he published a book entitled Physlological Regulations based on d etailed studies of metabolic phenomena. Later, he became interested in environmental physiology, particularly in adaptation to heat and cold. In this connection, h e carried on investigations on human responses to hot and cold environments during World War II and organized expeditions to the desert in I942 and I943 to study military aspects of heat and dehydra tion tolerance.

30 HISTORY OF THE APS : THE THIRD QUARTER CENTURY 26 Edward F. Adolph (1953-1954) Dr. Landis was succeeded by Edward Frederick Adolph in the spring of I953· There was no Fall Meeting in I 953 on account of the International Congress of Physiological Seiences at Montreal at about the same time. There was, however, a meeting of the Council at Montreal, August 30, and another on Kovember 9, I953, at Washington. Dr. B. D. in I920 from Harvard University. He was a graduate student at Yale from I9I6 to I9I8 and served with the Medical Department of the U .

My interest in publications of the Society has always been much greater than in any of its other activities. I had been completely satisfied to have publications managed financially and editorially by a group of Senior Trustees as had been traditional in the days of Hooker. This provides that publication funds are more zealously guarded against popular stampedes . than if their caretakers were not one step removed from popular control. It is a mechanism that sooner or later is a~opted by all responsible democracies.

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