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By Dennis Abrams

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The success of the album confirmed ­Jay-­Z’s role as a prominent rap star. In the photograph above, ­Jay-­Z (far right) poses with fellow rappers at the announcement of the Hard Knock Life Tour in ­1999. And, of course, Jay-Z would be the company’s preeminent model. As he explained, “When you’re a kid, you want to wear the clothes all the other kids are wearing. Then you get a little 59 60 jay-z money, you want to show off. So you buy a nice piece of jewelry. ” Also contributing to the company’s profits was a whole new generation of rappers added to the recording label.

Under the agreement, everything, including ownership of the masters (the original audio recordings) would be split 50/50 between the two companies. With this deal, ­Jay-­Z would be able to become a professional rapper with all the control over his career that he wanted, and he would finally be able to give up drug dealing ­forever.  and the ­ Roc-­A-­Fella Dynasty, ­ Jay-­Z explained exactly how the deal with Def Jam came ­about: My dream when I did Reasonable Doubt was to do one ­album. I thought I was being artistic, making a statement.

And the ­Roc-­A­Fella ­Dynasty: Even though I was back on the street, my heart was still in music. ­ I was preoccupied with numbers, weight, and my business, but my ­mind was flooded with ideas about songs, hooks, and verses. When ­my thoughts began to crowd each other, I would go to the corner store, ­get a pen, and empty my head, pouring rhymes onto pieces of paper ­ bags. But how many scraps can you fit in your pocket? I had to ­start memorizing my ideas until I got home, which was usually in the ­wee hours of the ­morning.

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