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By Jane Bull

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Look around your kitchen—ovens, saucepans, cutlery are all made of metal. That’s because it is strong and easy to clean. Recycle metal Every time you recycle metal you are saving the Earth from being dug up. Rock that contains metal can’t grow back. Once it’s dug up, that’s it! Hold a magnet near some cans, you’ll find some will stick; these are made of STEEL. STEEL cans are 100% recyclable. Most soft-drink cans are made of ALUMINUM, which can be recycled and made into just about anything, from cars to brand-new cans, SO RECYCLE!

53 Fabric Hold onto your hats! A quick sewing lesson Don’t chuck them, recycle them. Ask your family to give you their old hats. The more you have the more fuzzy folks you can make. This bow came from a hat. Put a bow on your hat and make me— Betty Bow Needle and thread Scissors Pins Back stitch The back stitch is a good stitch to use because it keeps the stuffing in place. Practice on a piece of material before you sew the hats. Knot the end of the thread and push the needle down and up through the fabric.

Experiment with how many fingers to use. Try stuffing your old hats to make us! I’m a glove with short fingers. I’ve got a thumb nose. Use all the fingers to make my hair. 3. 2. Push out the fingers that haven’t been sewn up. Sew up the middle two fingers and the thumb. Turn the glove right side out again. Now make a face using stitches, fabric scraps, or buttons. Stuff the glove. Cotton balls and old tights are great for stuffing gloves. Sew up the bottom. 53 Fabric Hold onto your hats! A quick sewing lesson Don’t chuck them, recycle them.

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