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By M. Duffy, ed.

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By M. Duffy, ed.

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C. A. , for the Hakluyt Society (London, 1884). 1. 40. 2. Ibid. 1. 192,199. 3. Joao de Barros. Da Asia. S. P. FreemanGrenville. l 03. 4. 'Instructions to the Captain-major D. Francisco de Almeida', Documents on the Portuguese in Mozambique and Central Africa. vol. 1 (Lisbon. 1962). 249-251. 5. This distribution can be compared with the agreements reached between crown and adelantado in the conquest of America. There the Castilian crown always took a fifth (the Portuguese crown aimed to take over half) and it was considered to be exceptional and somewhat presumptuous of Cortes to demand the equivalent for himself.

The perceived need to revitalise the officer corps after the disasters of the Seven Years t War meant the monarchy overstepping the long-drawn and tacitly-agreed line dividing state interest from noble privilege.

The Marquis de Feuqui'eres commented following the War of Austrian Succession. for example. that 'The roguery committed in the hospitals is limitless ... Greed for profit induces the entrepreneurs to act beyond all consideration of humanity'. 1

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