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By Robert William Scott

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By Robert William Scott

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Ei, . , . , ;. 1.. '''' y .. 41. - ""ek°91347- ,oxie, .. w. 13 .. 6 - - .... Oill 4 )),' . , 4*, 4 $1. ' 1: , ".. i. Itt . ,,,,,_ ...... ,. ,,. : , ma' a : . _ . ' . . . f . i. o, , , , . s. % .. i74t 4 , .... -. , '. , i - l .. ...... , ,.... ' '. i ' ' N, . , 4. ,. IN . K,:,.. ,: -,,,sh EC ' o V. , .. /1 . J. - . , 0, . °0 k4. MIDCRETACEOUS REEFS B. Laminatedl Grumose Micrite Grains Enclosed A. loo C. 100 50 -0 I I I I Scale as below 65 10 E 50 CD 50 L) I I I -1 0 00 I 2 1 LI) cv 3 o -1 4 Lo N0 N 0 mm o 2 1 LO 0 0 4 5 N CC CO 3 0 -4 6 ,cz, T- 0 0 I -3 -2 -1 I 0 1 0 2 LO CD CO N `I' CO CO ":1.

Rudists are un- and Eoradiolites probably formed small aggregates of individuals reclining upon the loose but stable sub- common in this community, although locally the thick-walled monopleurid Petalodontia sp. is abundant; Eoradiolites and Texicaprina are rare. Accessory encrust- strate. A few colonies of Microsolena, Thamnasteria, and Felixigyra encrusted the substrate; and colonies of the branching corals Pleurocora and Calamophyllia were scattered about. Stromatoporoids and encrusting blue-green, red, and green algae coated some grains.

Skeletal grains of colonial corals, caprinids, radiolitids, toucasiids, and petalodontids are common; coated grains and oncolites are rare. The oncolites are toppled over within the matrix. The matrix is poorly sorted carbonate sand to miente and secondary spar. Peloids are rare but in some samples comprise 5 to 10 percent of the rock. The fossils originated either in place or in the neighborhood biotope (a disturbed as- asymmetric with virtually no coatings on the underside tures and stylolites; original pores within or between of the grain.

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