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R 5. R = 2'-deoxyribosyl 6. R = 2'-deoxyribosyl Other derivatives such as 2 ' , 3 ' - d i d e o x y - 2 ' , 3'-dehydro-5-fluorouridine (Ref. 7) and 2 ' , 3 ' - d i d e o x y - 5 fluorouridine (Ref. 19) (8) demonstrated appreciable activity but it is now thought that these compounds 2 '-Deoxy-5-Fluorouridine 5 '-Phosphate 49 are cleaved non-enzymatically to 5-fluorouracil and therefore are serving as rather expensive depots of this latter compound (Ref. 2 0 ) . This is thought to be the case with Ftorafur (4) but this has the advantage of being cheap to synthesise, is more lipid soluble than 5-fluorouracil and thus may cross the blood-brain barrier more easily and also release 5-fluorouracil over a period of time (Refs.

Ikehara et al. 38 digestion and base sequence analysis using the post-labeling method as shown in Fig. 9. P. 5 Fig. 9. Two dimensional chromatography of the fragment 2_ after labeling at 5'-OH and partial digestion with RNase PI. Using this phosphotriester method a tetrdecanucleotide adjacent to the former decanucleotide UAGCUCGUCGGGCU, the anticodon loop hexamer CAUAAC, the 3'-end hexamer CAACCA and its analog CGACCA were also synthesized. The latter oligomer was synthesized to construct a tRNA molecule having a "mat­ ched" end as shown in Fig.

15. Synthesis of a hexaeicosanucleotide (bases 35-60), The joining of the 5f-end eicosamer and the adjacent tetradecamer (Fig. 16, _1 and 2_) proceeded rather smoothly and gave rise to the 5f-half molecule in a yield of 391. By the slab gel electrophoresis we could detect the product at correct position as shown in Fig. 17. M. Ikehara et al. 42 F i g . 16. A n a s c e n t s t r a n d of tRNA a t the p o s i t i o n of s o l i d Four large fragments were joined lines. P. B Fig. 17. -half molecules.

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