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By Uzi Mann

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The intersections of the two curves represent plausible operating conditions. Operating point b is unstable since any upset in the operating conditions will result in the reactor operating at point a or c. Safe operation is a paramount concern in chemical reactor operations. Runaway reactions occur when the heat generated by the chemical reactions exceed the heat that can be removed from the reactor. The surplus heat increases the temperature of the reacting fluid, causing the reaction rates to increase further (heat generation increases exponentially with temperature while the rate of heat transfer increases linearly).

2b. Note that the set of independent reactions is not unique, and other sets can be generated by replacing one or more reactions in the original set by a linear combination of some or all reactions in the original set. 1b. 2c as a set of independent reactions. In fact, for this case, any two reactions of the original three form a set of independent reactions. In principle, the set of independent reactions may include a reaction that does not actually take place in the reactor, yet we can use the set to calculate the reactor composition and other state variables.

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