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By Scott O Lilienfeld; Steven J Lynn; Laura L Namy; Nancy Jean Woolf

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By Scott O Lilienfeld; Steven J Lynn; Laura L Namy; Nancy Jean Woolf

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We can view psychological phenomena, in this case the disorder of depression, at multiple levels of analysis, with lower levels being more biological and higher levels being more social. Each level provides unique information and offers a distinctive view of the phenomenon at hand. (Based on data from Ilardi, Rand, & Karwoski, 2007) Watch in MyPsychLab  the Video: The Big Picture: Asking the Tough Questions psychology the scientific study of the mind, brain, and behavior levels of analysis rungs on a ladder of analysis, with lower Â�levels tied most closely to biological Â�influences and higher levels tied most closely to social Â�influences multiply determined caused by many factors 5/19/14 12:14 PM 36╇╇Chapter 1╇ Introduction to Psychology Psychology may not be one of the traditional hard sciences like chemistry, but many of its fundamental questions are even more difficult to answer.

5/19/14 12:14 PM What Is Psychology? Science Versus Intuition╇╇39 Misconception 1:╇ A theory explains one specific event. The first misunderstanding is that a theory is a specific explanation for an event. The popular media get this distinction wrong much of the time. ” But this isn’t a “theory” of the robbery. For one thing, it attempts to explain only one event rather than a variety of diverse observations. It also doesn’t generate testable predictions. Misconception 2: ╇ A theory is just an educated guess.

E C 5 4 Indicate which of these cards you have to turn over in order to determine whether the following claim is true: If a card has a vowel on one side, then it has an odd number on the other side. 3╇ Diagram of Wason Selection Task. In the Wason selection task, you must pick two cards to test the hypothesis that all cards that have a vowel on one side have an odd number on the other. Which two will you select? confirmation bias tendency to seek out evidence that supports our hypotheses and deny, dismiss, or distort evidence that contradicts them 5/19/14 12:14 PM 40╇╇Chapter 1╇ Introduction to Psychology ╇ Explore in MyPsychLab the Concept: Confirmation Bias is to determine whether the following hypothesis is correct: all cards that have a vowel on one side have an odd number on the other side.

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