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By Gary McMahon

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By Gary McMahon

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Blood Is Quicker Than Water

The attractive woods of Northern Michigan turn into the atmosphere for violence and lethal ambition? … Cassandra Beaumont desires not anything greater than to place her husband? ’s homicide in the back of her. yet rather than with the ability to quietly retire from public lifestyles, she reveals herself immersed in an unsightly cycle of lies and blackmail.

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This hugely illustrated precise crime booklet delivers the news at the most recent advancements in homicide and mayhem - in complete color. that includes Anders Breivik (the Norwegian spree killer), Stephen Griffiths (The Crossbow Cannibal), Russell Williams, Robert Pickton, Phillip Garrido, Serhiy Tkach, John Thomas, Jerry Brudos, Josef Fritzl, Gary Heidnik, Katherine Knight, Ed Kemper, Jack Unterweger etc.

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He snapped out of the fugue, blinking back more tears and staring at his father’s hand resting on his shoulder. ” “Would you like some soup, son. ” Guy smiled. His parents, despite their awkward good intentions, knew exactly what they were doing, and he loved them for it. ” After consuming two bowls of soup and half a loaf of wholemeal bread, Guy followed his mother up to his old room. The wallpaper in the stairwell was new, as was the colour of the paint on the first floor landing, but the rest remained unchanged.

Perhaps he’d also been married in it. “Don’t mind me,” she whispered, still looking at the woman. ” Because she knew. Knew with a quiet certainty that it was the old woman’s husband come to watch over her in her final, uncomfortable moments on earth. Rosie stood up and stepped away from the bed, smiling, yet with tears in her eyes. The man stood at his wife’s bedside, with eyes only for her. If the old woman woke just before dying, she might even see him there, at the moment when the veil between worlds billowed in a wind that no living soul could feel.

She knew it was a pointless task: the dreams she’d experienced earlier that day had upset her too much, ensuring that she would still be awake when the city streets were bathed in early morning sunlight. As the wet footsteps paced outside the door to her ward, she thought of the old woman in that little room, and of the husband who watched over her, waiting for her to join him. Rosie had been able to see men and women and children just like him ever since that fateful day twenty-one years ago. In fact she had developed a knack for seeing the dead on the very day, and at the very second, of her own death.

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