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By Somani S.M.

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By Somani S.M.

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The one effect that seems to occur at a sufficiently low concentration of organophosphorus anticholinesterase to be considered a low-dose phenomenon is the slow allosteric modulation of muscarinic receptors regulating presynaptic release of other neurotransmitters. The observation that this allosteric modulation requires several hours to develop suggests that this mechanism would most likely be applicable to a subacute or subchronic exposure rather than one seen after a brief, acute dose. V. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS We believe that studies to determine the potential long-term psychologic/neurologic sequelae following repeated low-level exposures to OP are confounded by factors such as low response rates, possible selection and follow-up biases (which is certainly the case for nerve CW agent), compensatory psychological response, possible co-exposures and the like.

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