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By Anatoly Lein, Boris Archangelsky

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By Anatoly Lein, Boris Archangelsky

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This booklet was once initially released ahead of 1923, and represents a duplicate of a massive old paintings, preserving an analogous structure because the unique paintings. whereas a few publishers have opted to practice OCR (optical personality attractiveness) know-how to the method, we think this results in sub-optimal effects (frequent typographical mistakes, unusual characters and complicated formatting) and doesn't correctly safeguard the historic personality of the unique artifact.

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H7-h5, stopping the further advance of the white pawn. itxh6!? An interesting idea, luring the white queen away from the queenside. I know from my own experience of the opening that this can work well, but I always had a knight on f6. The difference here is that, if he plays a casual move, Black could be thrown into an opening crisis because he only has the rook currently directly defending his king. 10 ~xh6 11 h4 lo ... bS!? A blatant attempt to steamroller Black and deliver mate. It might not be the most accurate continuation objectively speaking, but that ignores the practicalities of an actual game, especially as there is a suspicion that Black is making up the opening as he goes along.

B) 8... Wojtowicz, correspondence 1965. c) 8... xdl? Augusts, USA 1993. C2) 9 .. :~e4 is the best of the bunch of miserable replies, but White still comes out on top after 10 'iVxa6 'iVxe3+ 11 ~bl 'iVcs (or 11 ... ltxdl12 'iVc6+ ~d8 13 'ivxc7+ ~e8 14l'Lld6+! ltbS+ l'Lld7 16 'iVxd7 mate) 12 'iVb7! g4 15 l'Llf3 with a winning position. 9 'iVxb7 1-0 This is certainly a fun opening and a '1'1'011 0111' III pLIY "" 1111' 11111'1111'1 ill Iplll k Ij .. te3 'iVg4! Two pawns up, it makes sense for Black to give up attacking ambitions ,md be happy to enter a winning ending.

Txg4+? ctJxg4 15 ctJxd8 J"'(xd8 16 ~xel Black finds a way to stretch the white king by troubling him with the dashing knights: 16 ... ctJd4! e8+ 18 ~dl? l::rf2 also favours Black. txg4+? It is a mistake to encourage the black knights to attack. t'dl ntHI, intending 1lf1+, followed by trying to take the kingside pawns. ctJC4! winning easily due to the threats of ... ctJce3+) 19 ... dl+ 21 ~xC4 ctJxc2 winning. lS ... f8 I can't see how White survives. l::rfl+ 19 ~el ctJe3+ 20 ~d2 ctJxg2, when White should put the pieces back in the box.

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