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By Walter J. Michalski

This guide includes instruments to be used through groups engaged in Six Sigma actions, and incorporates a entire number of the newest development ideas and 6 Sigma software strings.

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By Walter J. Michalski

This guide includes instruments to be used through groups engaged in Six Sigma actions, and incorporates a entire number of the newest development ideas and 6 Sigma software strings.

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Creativity (FC15-FC21) ♦ FC15-Creativity/Assessment: Non-linear Thinking Process ♦ FC16-Creativity/Assessment: Technical Improvements ♦ FC17-Creativity/Assessment: Grouping Generated Ideas ♦ FC18-Creativity/Assessment: Logical Thinking ♦ FC19-Creativity/Assessment: Relationships and Associations ♦ FC20-Creativity/Assessment: Non-logical Problem Solving ♦ FC21-Logical Thinking in Problem Solving 3. Process (FC22-FC32) ♦ FC22-Process Improvement: Processing Operations ♦ FC23-Process Improvement: Technical Operations ♦ FC24-Process Improvement: Top-down Analysis for Change ♦ FC25-Process Improvement: Process Mapping and Analysis ♦ FC26-Process Improvement: Process Flow and Cycle Time ♦ FC27-Cycle Time Reduction: Work Flow Analysis ♦ FC28-Work Space Reduction: Work Flow Analysis ♦ FC29-Quality Reporting: Monitoring over Time ♦ FC30-Quality Reporting: Analysis of Trends ♦ FC31-Quality Reporting: Quality Charting ♦ FC32-Quality Reporting: Statistical Process Control Functions 4.

Teaming (FC01-FC14) ♦ FC01-Team Building: Team Dynamics Training 6_-xx ♦ FC02-Team Building: Identifying Organizational Interactions ♦ FC03-Team Building: Interpersonal Dynamics ♦ FC04-Team Communications: Organizational Relationships ♦ FC05-Team Communications: Collecting Information ♦ FC06-Team Communications: Information for Presentation ♦ FC07-Team Decision Making: Prioritizing Options ♦ FC08-Team Decision Making: Considering many Alternatives ♦ FC09-Team Decision Making: Applying Team Criteria ♦ FC10-Team Problem Solving: Identifying Problem Clusters ♦ FC11-Team Problem Solving: Window Analysis for Options ♦ FC12-Team Problem Solving: In-depth Analysis ♦ FC13-Team Problem Solving: Planning for Change ♦ FC14-Team Problem Solving: Continuous Improvement 2.

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