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By Frances Reilly

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By Frances Reilly

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Where had the nuns taken Sinéad and me? And when was Mammy coming back to get us? CHAPTER 2 Juniors Four years passed. Our mother didn’t return. The nuns’ brainwashing had worked and we were now obedient convent girls. There was no point trying to fight it. The only way to survive was to try to stay out of trouble. Loretta’s reward for behaving well was to visit Sinéad and me in the infants’ section once a week. We looked forward to her visits and made the most of every minute she was with us. She’d sing to us and tell us stories about Mammy coming back, about getting a big house and being happy together.

An absolutely disgusting smell hit me. Loretta whispered that it was a combination of boiled cabbage and dead animals, and it had made her feel quite sick the first few times she’d smelt it. The nun took my plate and ladled on some potatoes and cabbage from two huge saucepans. Water dripped from the ladle as she slopped its contents onto the plate. This was followed by a spoonful of something that I didn’t recognise. I took the plate and followed Loretta to the table, where the girls were now talking in whispers.

But on our way, even though talking in the corridors was strictly forbidden, she introduced me to everyone we met. ‘This is my little sister,’ she said, obviously keen to show me off. Joining a line of girls walking in single file, we entered a large room filled with row upon row of wooden tables and chairs. Each girl walked to a chair and stood behind it. Loretta found me a chair and placed it next to hers. A few minutes later the Reverend Mother came in, and we put our hands together for prayer.

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