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By Krista Donaldson

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By Krista Donaldson

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First, that would make the five-figure accuracy ridiculous, and the year would better be stated as Y Ϸ 365 Ϯ 60 days. Second, we could no longer plan confidently or put together accurate calendars. Scheduling Christmas vacation would be chancy. Multiple variables make uncertainty estimates cumulative. Suppose a given result P depends upon N variables, P ϭ P(x1, x2, x3, . . , xN), each with its own uncertainty; for example, x1 has uncertainty ␦x1. 43) This calculation is statistically much more probable than simply adding linearly the various uncertainties ␦xi, thereby making the unlikely assumption that all variables simultaneously attain maximum error.

935 ft3/lbm. 174 lbm/slug) v Ans. (b) This is about 4 percent higher than our ideal-gas estimate in part (a). 535 Btu/(lbm и °F). 174 lbm/slug) ϭ 13,400 ft и lbf/(slug и °R) ϭ 13,400 ft2/(s2 и °R) | ▲ ▲ 20 | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Ans. 6 Thermodynamic Properties of a Fluid 21 This is about 11 percent higher than our ideal-gas estimate in part (a). The chief reason for the discrepancy is that this temperature and this pressure are quite close to the critical point and saturation line of steam.

To solve these problems, one must deal with various equations, data, tables, assumptions, unit systems, and numbers. The writer recommends these problem-solving steps: 1. Gather all the given system parameters and data in one place. 2. Find, from tables or charts, all needed fluid property data: ␳, ␮, cp, k, ⌼, etc. 3. Use SI units (N, s, kg, m) if possible, and no conversion factors will be necessary. 4. Make sure what is asked. It is all too common for students to answer the wrong question, for example, reporting mass flow instead of volume flow, pressure instead of pressure gradient, drag force instead of lift force.

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