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Chapter 3 examines the evolution of Habermas’s thought between 1961 and 1981, with a focus on the critical years 1964–9. It argues that the groundwork for one of his masterworks, The Theory of Communicative Action (1981), was laid before 1968, a fact with significant implications for how his career is understood as a whole. The positions Habermas took between 1964 and 1969 responded to a pervasive discourse on “technocracy,” or rule by experts, in which all political tendencies in West German society from the far left to the conservative right participated.

86 Between Facts and Norms represents a solution to the problem of the alleged contradiction between liberalism and democracy by describing them as “internally related” to one another and mutually supportive. Meanwhile, as a ’58er, Habermas was keenly aware of the value of the rule of law, the absence of which is a defining experience of his generation.  . ”90 Another colleague from the University of Frankfurt notes that Habermas was always a “legalistic” thinker in some Ingeborg Maus, “Justiz als Über-Ich.

The phrase “streitbare Demokratie” first appears in this case, BVerfGE 5, 85. 30 Nick Thomas, Dissent and Democracy: Protest Movements in West Germany (London: Berg, 2003), 34. 31 The seats were apportioned 270 for the CDU and 169 for the SPD. ”32 The December 1957 decision of NATO to equip European member states with nuclear weapons spurred nationwide protests from a diverse range of West German citizens. In January 1958, the “Struggle Against Atomic Death” (Kampf den Atomtod) campaigns began; Habermas participated in its Frankfurt branch.

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