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By George M. Chinn

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By George M. Chinn

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The operator asked briskly. “It’s more like an attempted break-in,” Sydney said. ” “Um, just a teapot that got broken in the kitchen,” Sydney explained, feeling silly. ” the woman cut in, sounding impatient. “You mean like the lock on the front door? No. No, they didn’t do any damage to the house, at least nothing we’ve noticed so far. ” the operator interrupted. ” She kept thinking—on this busy 9-1-1 night, she was probably wasting their time with her call about this botched burglary attempt—if that was even what it had been.

The man had shot his girlfriend in front of dozens of horrified commuters on the train. He had then taken a child hostage and threatened to execute her—as well as everyone in the car. “I thought we were all going to die,” one middle-aged woman commuter testified in Sydney’s video short. “People were crying and getting sick. And then this—this good-looking guy stepped up and started talking to the gunman, and he distracted him…” Joe McCloud managed to overpower the deranged man. He even gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the man’s wounded girlfriend, saving her life.

He asked, catching his balance—and his breath. He braced himself against the corridor wall. ” Bewildered, Sydney shook her head. ” he insisted. “Somebody’s in the house! He came in my room and sat down on the end of my bed. I felt it, Mom! He brushed against my foot. I felt the weight on my bed…” They searched the apartment, both upstairs and downstairs, including the closets. There was no sign of a break-in. Eli kept insisting that he’d been awake. He’d heard her using the bathroom about ten minutes before this person came in his room.

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