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By Mark S. Garland, John Anderton

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By Mark S. Garland, John Anderton

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Many other mammals are found in the mid-Atlantic region. Virginia opossum, eastern cottontail, and woodchuck are common. Nine species of shrews and three species of moles also occur here. None are easy to observe without trapping. Twelve species of bats live in our region; two, Townsend's big-eared bat and the Indiana bat, are federally listed endangered species. Although it's easy to see bats circling overhead at twilight, it's nearly impossible to determine species by such fleeting glimpses. Bats roost in sheltered places such as caves, hollow trees, or buildings.

And Baltimore. The mid-Atlantic forests range from red spruce and balsam fir groves in the West Virginia Highlands, Page 14 which resemble the boreal forest of Canada, to the baldcypress swamps and surrounding dry piney woods of the Eastern Shore, a look not unlike that of coastal Georgia. Between these regional extremes are several distinct forest types with many different trees to learn and enjoy. Deciduous forest dominates the region, and in many places the trees hold their leaves for almost exactly half the year, from late April to late October.

Title. 48-1984. For permission to reproduce any of the illustrations, please correspond directly with the artist. The Smithsonian Institution Press does not retain reproduction rights for these illustrations individually or maintain a file of addresses for photo sources. Page v To the memory of Robert Coleman Garland, my father and my best friend. Page vii CONTENTS Preface ix 1. Allegheny to Atlantic: An Overview of Mid-Atlantic Natural History 1 The Seasons 41 2. Spring: March Through May 43 3.

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